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  • Our dachshund has a bad back and a few times a year he gets to the point where he won't jump and barely gets out of bed. Dr Clark has made him better and he now jumps around like a puppy. She had us put him on a diet so he wouldn't have the extra weight. We get his anal glands squeezed and he gets more fiber (turns out part of the problem with him jumping is his impacted booty). We take him there and a vet tech does it, not a groomer. And of course when our pup gets a Back injury he gets meds. We now have the best version of our dog, he's happier and healthier. I couldn't be more grateful. You WILL NOT find a better vet.
    Jackie R.
  • They took great care of my cat, didn't try to get me to buy things he didn't need, and answered all of my questions about his health. He doesn't like vet offices but seemed to have an okay time there.
    Kelly James Fisher
  • 4.5 Google Rating