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  • This is a wonderful, caring clinic. Dr. Alley obviously is passionate about her "patients" health. We recently had to have our 10 year-old golden put down due to cancer. Dr. Ally took time to explain my options and did necessary diagnostics to assure me that I was making the right decision. She was so caring and gentle with our dog to the very end. She is a wonderful vet.

    Anita Dinning

  • UPDATE: I have been meaning to update this review for a few months. I emailed this same review to the vets office and I received a call from the veterinarian/owner within a few days. The call went to VM, but in the message, she assured me that the problems were being addressed. In the time since then I have noticed a big difference, and a appreciate the change. Again, our animals have always received excellent care, and now I think the customer services is in line with that quality wise as well! Thank you! Original Review: We have been clients of several years now and our animals have received excellent care from both vets, but lately the customer service portion of our experience has been less than great. I ordered special food for a kitten that had to have only that food, only to arrive and find out the wrong food had been ordered. Accidents happen, and that is fine, but the response from the front desk person was to explain the mistake and then say sorry. That was it. I drove to the next nearest vet to see if they had any of the food in stock. They did not, but the person at that front desk got out a list and called every vet office she knew was open on Saturday. The 8th office she called had the food, and I was able to go and pick it up. Their waiting room was just as busy as the one at Liberty Lake Veterinary Center, and none of my animals had ever been seen by them, yet they went the extra mile! I also had an appointment the previous week with a vet to get her opinion on an issue one of our foster kittens was having. When I made the appointment I was told there would be mean I would be charged for an office visit. I was totally fine with this as I wanted time to talk over the problem with the vet. The woman on the phone then circled back again just to make sure I knew I would be charged for the visit even if their was no exam. I AGAIN said this was fine. When I arrived, I was shown to a room, only to have another person come and make sure I knew I was getting charged for the visit. I was left feeling like they were doing me a favor or like I was trying to take advantage of the situation, neither of which was the case. If you are going to have a 10 minute phone conversation with me outlining the cost, you can at least note it in the appointment so we don't have to do another round when I get there and act worried that I am not willing to pay.

    Kylene Lloyd

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