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  • Awesome care for your pets. Very clean and super friendly staff. They care about your pets..

    Chris Goodhue

  • We started going to LLVC when Rico was about a year old after not being able to get a diagnosis from the first vet clinic we went to since he was 8 weeks old. Rico is like a weeble, he wobbles but doesn't fall down. The previous vets weren't sure what was wrong, they took x-rays of his hips and said everything looks normal, maybe it's his tendons stretching too far but they weren't sure. I had 2 appointments with 2 different vets there regarding this issue. They were very nice folks but had no idea why Rico walked like he does. It took Dr. Alley about a minute to tell & actually show me what the problem was. His knees pop out of the sockets and that it is a fairly common with poodles or small dogs (I don't remember which), she went on to explain how it will effect him as he grows older etc. Dr. Alley is very articulate. I left our first appointment relieved to finally know why my bestest buddy walks like he does. We have been going to LLVC ever since even though I no longer live a just few miles from the clinic. I live in Montana now and drive about 250 miles round trip for our vet appointments, it's totally worth the drive for us. Dr. Alley is an outstanding veterinarian!! I want to give a shout out to, well every single other person that I have dealt with there, I don't remember any of your names but you guys all rock!! Including the good cop Vet that cleaned and fixed Rico's teeth, she did an great job on his choppers. I highly recommend LLVC!!

    Ron Faeber

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